The cause of drowsiness – Know the cause and treat it

What causes drowsiness? What causes drowsiness? There may be a variety of causes: prolonged flights, tasks that disrupt the normal rhythm of sleep, or activities such as long driving. While many of us neglect full sleep, there are some other problems with sleep. These include sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and sleep attacks. People who work in the cemetery or whose jobs require shifts become sleep deprived. This is due to severe drowsiness at night and their inability to get adequate sleep in daylight.

Causes of drowsiness
Most adults need 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night because of drowsiness. While some require more or less this amount for their body to rest properly. “Sleep problems, inadequate sleep and poor sleep can have bad consequences,” says Schweiz. Lack of proper sleep is closely linked to the major health issues of our era. Problems such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, overweight and insanity

Causes of Sleepiness If your eyes are closed enough but you feel sleepy, you may have sleep disorders. Sleep disorders include a person’s inability to fall asleep or continue to sleep or strange sleeping behaviors, such as sleeping. Some other sleep disorders are momentary, such as sleep attacks. During sleep attacks, one is uncontrollably sleeping throughout the day. When patients go to Davila’s sleep clinic, she first wants to know whether the problem is the quantity or quality of her sleep. “The first question doctors ask about their sleep is whether they have enough sleep,” she says. Do they stay completely asleep? This is an important question. Because we believe many people have this problem. They are partially or intermittently and sometimes have chronic insomnia. ” Davila looks for quality if she is sure that her clients are not having trouble sleeping to see if she has a sleep disorder.

Causes of Sleepiness According to the Journal of the Journalists’ Club Clinic, it is not always because of sleepiness and fatigue, lack of sleep or overwork. There are many reasons that can make you feel tired at all times.

Studies show that people who sleep more than 9 hours a night are more at risk for diseases such as diabetes and obesity than others.

The cause of excessive sleepiness is a natural need, and each person needs 6 hours of useful sleep per day. When this level of sleep is increased, the person suffers from somnolence. Statistics show that 1.6% of the world’s population suffers from sleeping sickness and this is increasing.

4 reasons for fatigue and drowsiness:

Causes of Sleepiness Infections: Although infections have many apparent symptoms, they can sometimes spread to your body without you being noticed or diagnosed by a doctor. For example, in an immune system disorder, the infection may develop into severe fatigue.

Causes of Drowsiness Allergies: It’s interesting to know that histamine and other chemicals the body secretes to fight allergies are hypnotic. Insomnia causes insomnia.

The cause of excessive drowsiness is anemia. The main red blood cells work to deliver oxygen from the lungs to other organs. When a person has a red blood cell deficiency or a dysfunction of the blood cells, the person becomes anemic and at the same time feels so tired that he or she is not able to do their daily routine.

Humorous Disorder: In women, estrogen depletion in most cases can lead to weight loss and fatigue.

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